Germany And A Silent Revolution

Podcast1400THISWe continue our journey by going to Germany and examining the impact of expressionism on the country at the time, and art right up to the modern day. We look at films such as The Student Of Prague, Nosferatu and Vampyr

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1 thought on “Germany And A Silent Revolution

  1. Hey Chris,
    Love the show. True, Nosferatu is probably not scary to modern audiences. I must of been 4 or 5 and had an issue of Famous Monster’s magazine that featured pictures from the movie. At 45, I can tell you that the images have stayed with me. I remember a picture of him in the shadow where his hand is extended it looks like a tree branch. I assumed that the creature could turn into a tree. That way children would walk right to him.
    Maybe 15 years back I saw the film with an audience at The Music Box in Chicago. I doubt if anyone was frightened. Still,I think it’s a great movie.
    I’m going to be out here listening. Thanks.


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