A History Of Horror Podcast  is a fan site dedicated to celebrating horror cinema. Our aim is to cover and celebrate the genre

A History Of Horror Podcast is not affiliated with any of the  copyright holders of the films discussed. Every effort has been made to ensure A History Of Horror Podcast does not contravene any copyright laws and that any material used falls within the boundaries of the fair usage policy. If you are a copyright holder and feel your rights have been breached, please email videonastiespodcast@gmail.com

All site related artwork, original written and audio content at A History Of Horror Podcast  has been newly created solely for the use of the site and remains the property of  A History Of Horror Podcast and cannot be re-published without prior permission from the site.

A History Of Horror Podcast is a non-profit site created solely for the promotion and celebration of the films mentioned. If at any time income is generated it is solely used for the maintenance of the site and hosting fees. Accounts supplied on request to any parties we feel have a vested interest.


Chris:  historyofhorrorpodcast@gmail.com or on Twitter


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  1. Mr. Brown, it is a great pleasure to have you back after the fantastic Video Nasties set of podcasts. Heard the intro and first episodes, very informative and fun. I really like the new voice this podcast has, very excited to see where it goes from here. Cheers, mate!


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