China, India, Pakistan
Song At Midnight 

VHS Boom, nasties and the slow growth of the underground
Tales From The Quadead trailer
Blindside Of God trailer
VCR Trailer

Spanish Frights
Who Can Kill A Child
Vampyros Lesbos trailer
REC trailer

South America
El Vampiro trailer
At Midnight I’ll Take Soul trailer
The House At The End Of Time trailer
Cold Sweat trailer

Grindhouse trailer
Axe trailer
Doctor Butcher MD trailer
Let’s Scare Jessica To Death trailer

American ghosts
Paranormal Activity trailer
Poltergeist trailer
The Haunting trailer
Cat People trailer

Cinema Bis
Un Chien Andalou trailer
Les Diabolique trailer
Grapes Of Death trailer
Martyrs trailer

Italian copies
Blood And Black Lace trailer
Profondo Rosso trailer
City Of The Living Dead trailer
Stage Fright trailer

American masters of horror and the boom in genre
Night Of The Living Dead
Texas Chain Saw Massacre trailer
Gremlins trailer
Re-animator trailer
Nightmare On Elm Street trailer

Northern European nastiness
Hexan trailer
Let The Right One In trailer
Troll Hunter trailer 

Russian horror
Viy trailer
The Eve of Ivan Kupalo segment
The Savage Hunt Of King Stach segment
Faust 2011 trailer
Nightwatch trailer
Псы (1989) trailer

Aliens and Reds under beds
The Thing From Another World trailer
Them! trailer
Invaders From Mars trailer
War Of The Worlds trailer

Hammer and British Thrills
The Ghoul 1933
Dracula 1958 trailer
The Creeping Unknown trailer
The Witches 1966 trailer
Blood On Satan’s Claw trailer
Triangle trailer
A Field In England trailer

Creature From The Black Lagoon trailer
The Wolf Man trailer
Frankenstein trailer
Dracula trailer
The Phantom Of The Opera 1925

Germany And A Silent Revolution
Vampyr (1932)
Nosferatu (1922)
The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920)
Der Golem 1920
The Student of Prague 1913

Pioneers of Cinema
Frankenstein 1910
The Sealed Room 1909
The Haunted Castle 1896
The Execution Of Mary Stuart 1895


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